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Download Anatomic Study of the Clitoris and the Bulbo-Clitoral Organ by Vincent Di Marino PDF

By Vincent Di Marino

This eagerly awaited booklet deals a special, finished medical research of the anatomy of the organ of girl sexual excitement. The authors use macroscopic and microscopic learn to steer the reader from the glans, the obvious a part of the clitoris, the place they discover the striking sensory corpuscles, to the hidden roots of the bulbo-clitoral organ. They convey its complexity, its distinctive place in the exterior genitalia and its intimate dating with the urethro-vaginal pyramid.

They additionally remind us that all through background there was a failure to appreciate this organ and clarify that this false impression is still the reason for continual excisions, felony mutilating practices that experience no longer but been eradicated.

Using large iconography, they display all through this booklet that the bulbo-clitoral organ is a phenomenal usual treasure that each lady possesses and that each guy should still comprehend well.

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Di Marino, H. 1007/978-3-319-04894-9_4, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 27 28 4 pr h g fcl lm lm u lM lM va Vva flm Vfo dCom Fig. 2 View of the opened pudendum (vulva) showing the external urethral orifice and the external genitalia. Each labium majus is tracted laterally (white arrow). dCom dorsal commissure of the labia, fcl frenum (frenulum clitoridis), flm frenum of the labia minora (frenulum labiorum pudendi), g glans clitoridis, h hood, lm labium minus (lesser lip), lM labium majus (greater lip), pr female prepuce (praeputium clitoridis), u external urethral orifice, va vaginal orifice (introïtus), Vfo vestibular fossa, Vva vestibule of the vagina, white arrowheads they show the Hart’s line (line of junction between labium minus inner skin and vestibule’s epithelium) arch.

The urogenital membrane disintegrates opening the phallic part of the urogenital sinus to the exterior and finally creating the vulvar cleft, (no secondary closure happening for the female fœtus)). a M anal membrane, bl bladder, CC corpus cavernosum clitoridis, co coccyx, gt genital tubercle, Pe perineum, per peritoneum (recto-uterine pouch), ps pubic symphysis, R rectum, S sacrum, sc spinal cord, u urethra, ub uterus body, ugS2 pelvic part of the urogenital sinus, ugS3 phallic part of the urogenital sinus, v aw ventral abdominal wall, va vagina, vc vertebral canal, white circle external urethral orifice male, the groove will secondarily close again and form the penian urethral cylinder through the fusion of the urethral folds and the bursa or scrotum will form through the fusion of the labio-scrotal swellings on the centre line,11 the groove will persist in the female sex, thus opening the vestibule onto the vulvar cleft with, on either side, the labio-scrotal swellings, which are still separate and will become the labia majora (Figs.

2 For the Romans, the myrtle is related to Venus, such as laurels are related to Apollo, the oak to Jupiter and the olive tree to Minerva. : Fulvia, Mother of Iullus Antonius, new approaches to the sources on Julia’s adultery at Rome, Helios, 2006, 33, No. 2. ” Potuit obscenius? “Non”, inquis, “non enim ita sensit”). V. Di Marino, H. 1007/978-3-319-04894-9_3, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 23 24 3 The term “landica” is also found in the master work of Soranos from Ephesus concerning “the diseases of women”, the first actual treatise on gynaecology.

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