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By Norman R. Scott

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Note that these figures are of temperature rise above the ambient level. If such a temperature rise takes the resistor temperature above its maximum rated temperature permitted for its type, a higher wattage rating of resistor must be used. Resistors with high ohmic values may need to be derated (run at a lower dissipation) when they are used in hot surroundings. 7 Temperature rise and power dissipation for typical resistors. The temperature scale is in ◦ C above the surrounding (ambient) temperature.

4. Resistor characteristics Important characteristics of resistor types include resistance ranges, usable temperature range, stability, noise level, and temperature coefficient. 2 M=3 N = 3. 4 Letter and number codes for SM components. Resistance values are in ohms, and the same coding is used for capacitors in units of picofarads Resistors Resistivity 15 are available). Carbon composition resistors can be obtained in ranges of around 2R2 to 1M0 and film resistors normally range from 1R0 to 1M0.

For capacitors in series, the charge on each capacitor is equal, so: 1 Ctotal = 1 1 1 + + + ... C1 C2 C3 • TIME CONSTANTS The charging and discharging of a capacitor is never instant. When a sudden step of voltage is applied to one plate of a capacitor, the other plate voltage 40 Practical Electronics Handbook, 6th Edition will step in voltage by the same amount. If a resistor is present that connects the second plate to a different voltage level the capacitor will then charge or discharge to this other voltage level.

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