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By Arthur Frazho, Wisuwat Bhosri

During this monograph, we mix operator strategies with country area ways to clear up factorization, spectral estimation, and interpolation difficulties coming up up to the mark and sign processing. We current either the speculation and algorithms with a few Matlab code to unravel those difficulties. A classical method of spectral factorization difficulties up to speed concept relies on Riccati equations bobbing up in linear quadratic regulate idea and Kalman ?ltering. One benefit of this technique is that it without difficulty ends up in algorithms within the non-degenerate case. nevertheless, this technique doesn't simply generalize to the nonrational case, and it's not constantly obvious the place the Riccati equations are coming from. Operator idea has constructed a few dependent easy methods to end up the life of an answer to a couple of those factorization and spectral estimation difficulties in a really normal atmosphere. notwithstanding, those concepts are commonly now not used to increase computational algorithms. during this monograph, we are going to use operator thought with nation house tips on how to derive computational easy methods to remedy factorization, sp- tral estimation, and interpolation difficulties. it's emphasised that our strategy is geometric and the algorithms are got as a distinct program of the idea. we'll current tools for spectral factorization. One strategy derives al- rithms in line with ?nite sections of a definite Toeplitz matrix. the opposite technique makes use of operator concept to boost the Riccati factorization process. eventually, we use isometric extension options to unravel a few interpolation difficulties.

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4) with respect to the standard basis for 2+ (E) and 2+ (Y). In this case, T is denoted by TΘ where Θ is the symbol for T . Let SV denote the unilateral shift on 2+ (V). Let T be an operator mapping 2+ (E) into 2+ (Y). We claim that T is a lower triangular Toeplitz operator if and only if T intertwines SE with SY , that is, T SE = SY T . If T is a Toeplitz operator, then using the matrix representations for T , SE and SY , it is easy to verify that T intertwines SE with SY . On the other hand, if T intertwines SE with SY , then using Tj,k as the j-k entry of T , we obtain ⎡ ⎡ ⎤ ⎤ 0 0 0 ··· T01 T02 T03 · · · ⎢ T00 T01 T02 · · · ⎥ ⎢ T11 T12 T13 · · · ⎥ ⎢ ⎢ ⎥ ⎥ ⎢ T10 T11 T12 · · · ⎥ = SY T = T SE = ⎢ T21 T32 T24 · · · ⎥ .

Finally, T is an isometry if and only if F is rigid. Proof. Assume that T is in I(SE , UY ). The bilateral shift UE on 2 (E) is a (minimal) unitary extension of SE . 1, there exists a unique operator L in I(UE , UY ) extending T . In this case, T = L| 2+ (E) and T = L . Moreover, L is an isometry if and only if T is an isometry. 1, the operator L is Laurent, that is, L = LF where F is a function in L∞ (E, Y). Moreover, LF is an isometry if and only if F is rigid. On the other hand, if T = LF | 2+ (E), then T is in I(SE , UY ) and LF is an extension of T .

0 On the other hand, assume that h(eıω ) is a function in L2+ (E). Then h admits ∞ ∞ a Fourier series expansion of the form h = 0 e−ıωk hk , and h(z) = 0 z −k hk defines a function in H 2 (E). 2. Hardy Spaces 27 uniquely determine each other. To be precise, let Φ be the mapping from H 2 (E) into L2+ (E) defined by h(eıω ) = (Φh)(eıω ) = ∞ ∞ e−ıωk hk where h(z) = k=0 z −k hk k=0 is the Taylor’s series expansion of h in H 2 (E). Then Φ defines a unitary operator from H 2 (E) onto L2+ (E). Due to this unitary identification we drop the tilde notation on h and simply write h(eıω ) for the function Φh.

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