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By W Wynn Westcott

Historic Ritualistic Lore and Prophecies of the longer term Made show up to guy. With 8 Diagrams. Contents: The Kabalah; the sensible Kabalah; The Dogmatic Kabalah

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THE DOG~rATIC KABALAH 43 there follo\v immediately hvo further Emanations, the"Trio shining in the symbol of a radiant triangle. CHK1vIH, Chokmah, "Visdom, The King, with the Divine Name IH, Jah is the Second Sephira; BINH, Binah, Understanding, The Queen, and the Divine N arne I HVH Jehovah is the Third Sephira,-the "Supernal Triad" is demonstrated. Then . follo\v GDULH, Gedulah, also called CHSD, Chesed, 1:Iercy, \vith the Divine N arne AL, El; and its contrast G B URH, Geburah, Severity, also called Pachad, Fear, with the Divine Name ALH, Eloah; and the reflected triangle is completed by the Sixth Sephira, the Sun, named TPART, Tiphareth, or Beauty, vlith the name ALHIM Elohim; considered as a triangle of reflection with the apex belo\v.

White are His garments, and His appearance is as a Face, vast and terrible in its vastness. Upon a throne of flaming brilliance is He seated, so that he may direct its flashing Rays. Into many thousand worlds the brightness of His face is extended, and from tbeLight of this brightness the just shall receive worlds of joy and reward in the existence to come. vVithin His skull exist daily a thousand myriads of \vorlds; all draw their existence from Him, and by Him are upheld. " Yet without deeming all lives to be of Him, and His attributes to be universal, He cannot be known by man.

N , .... ,,~ ; '\ , '\ 9 ""'" Vi , ' o f til Q C '. , I&J ~ 0 0 0 0 0 ~ ( 01 0 0 en a: ~ CL aLI III a: 0 0 0 [ • t- THE DOGl\fATIC KABALAH 45 Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh, numbering 26. , and VI. This Decad of Deific Emanations is . to be conceived as first formulated on the Divine First plane of Atziluth, which is entirely beyond our ken; to be reproduced on the Second plane of pure Spirit, Briah; to exist in the· same Decad form in the world of Yetzirah, the Third or Formative plane; and finally to be sufficiently condensed as to be cognizable by the human intellect on the Fourth plane of Assiah, on \vhich we seem to exist.

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