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Download An Evolutionary Paradigm for International Law: by John Martin Gillroy (auth.) PDF

By John Martin Gillroy (auth.)

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Read or Download An Evolutionary Paradigm for International Law: Philosophical Method, David Hume, and the Essence of Sovereignty PDF

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13 Hume intends to describe how human social cooperation originates and then perpetuates itself over time, context, expanding population, and social complexity. His philosophy is simultaneously normative and descriptive to this end, where these concepts overlap and are inherently interconnected within the conceptual logic of his greater philosophical system. His synthesized solution to the question of human nature and social order is based on the recognition that the moral or normative arises and changes, on a scale of forms, from the empirical interaction of human beings.

Linking distinct levels of overlapping complexity creates a philosophical “scale of forms” for a concept. 22 With the assumption of a scale of forms as an expression of practical reason, we can use philosophical method to create ever deeper and interdependent definitions of the nature of sovereignty in international law. Fifth, and finally, the metaphysical23 nature of “essence” is more specifically defined by philosophical method in terms of a hierarchy of relative and absolute presuppositions.

1 Coordination game. 59 In order for a game to be a Lewis coordination game, it must have at least two equal points of equilibrium between which the players are, at least initially, indifferent. 60 There is no clear choice between R1 and R2 for Row or C1 and C2 for Column, no matter what the other player chooses. Each player’s strategy is dependent on the choice of the other player in order for a preferred outcome to be achieved. The players’ choices are therefore interdependent. The logic of the coordination game is based on the expectations of the players, from which the solution also emerges.

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