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By Charles E. Taylor, Jonathan T. Kwan

This publication had its genesis in a symposium on gasoline hydrates awarded on the 2003 Spring nationwide assembly of the yank Institute of Chemical Engineers. The symposium consisted of twenty papers provided in 4 classes over days. extra visitor authors have been invited to supply continuity and canopy subject matters now not addressed throughout the symposium. fuel hydrates are a different classification of chemicals the place molecules of 1 compound (the visitor fabric) are enclosed, with no bonding chemically, inside of an open stable lattice composed of one other compound (the host material). a lot of these configurations are often called clathrates. The visitor molecules, u- best friend gases, are of a suitable dimension such that they healthy in the cage shaped by way of the host fabric. Commonexamples of fuel hydrates are carbon dioxide/water and methane/water clathrates. At usual strain and temperature, methane hydrate includes by means of quantity one hundred eighty occasions as a lot methane as hydrate. the USA Geological Survey (USGS) has envisioned that there's extra natural carbon c- tained as methane hydrate than all other kinds of fossil fuels mixed. in reality, methane hydrates may provide a fresh resource of strength for numerous centuries. Clathrate compounds have been first found within the early 1800s whilst Humphrey Davy and Michael Faraday have been experimenting with chlorine-water combinations.

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