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By R. Carbó-Dorca, P.G. Mezey

This quantity highlights a number of the advances in molecular similarity. Molecular similarity study is a dynamic box the place the swift move of principles and methodologies from the theoretical, quantum chemical and mathematical chemistry disciplines to effective algorithms and computing device courses utilized in industrially very important purposes is principally obtrusive. those functions usually function motivating elements towards new advances within the basic and theoretical fields, and the mix of highbrow problem and useful software presents mutual merits to theoreticians and experimentalists. the purpose of this quantity is to offer an summary of the present methodologies of molecular similarity reviews, and to show new demanding situations, unsolved difficulties, and parts the place vital new advances may be anticipated.

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AMAT, E. BESALU, and M. LOBATO ^AB PA^^A = (71) ^BB ^'AB V ""J Then, the vector pair {z^, z^} may be employed too, to compute QSI of the kind discussed in this section. For instance, the Carbo index can be expressed in this two-dimensional context as T KsR = T r = cosCa,) (72) Obviously enough, it is hard to imagine that the resulting angles in expressions 61 and 72 will be the same. However, some relationships could be obtained, developing the scalar products between the column vectors in Eq. __.

First, the connection between QSPR computational background structure and the present MQSM analysis will be addressed, and the fundamental relationship will be shown to be again the n-dimensional discrete representation of a molecule. Second, the relationship between convex sets and QSPR will be examined. Third, the link between QSM and molecular topology will be shown, this time using QS-SM. Finally, we will introduce a new collection of molecular topological indices,^^ based on MQSM considerations, and bearing somehow the molecular three-dimensional information.

Thus, comparisons of nondefinite functions of quantum theoretical origin are not yet included in a, mathematically speaking, sound manner within the QSM structure. This section will try to propose a possible way to carry out this task. The starting point of the possible QSM treatment over such functions is agreement that only positive definite probability functions can be safely and generally used to compute measure integrals. Once this circumstance is accepted, then the problem is to design a procedure to transform such functions into adequate measurable functions.

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