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By David Nicolle

In April 1291, a Mamluk military laid siege to Acre, the final nice Crusader citadel within the Holy Land. for 6 weeks, the siege dragged on until eventually the Mamluks took the outer wall, which were breached in numerous areas. the army Orders drove again the Mamluks briefly, yet 3 days later the internal wall was once breached. King Henry escaped, however the bulk of the defenders and lots of the electorate perished within the battling or have been bought into slavery. The surviving knights fell again to their castle, resisting for ten days, till the Mamluks broke via. This booklet depicts the dramatic cave in of this nice castle, whose death marked the top of the Crusades within the Holy Land.

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Only then can it render real service to scholarship, to the students, and to the country' THEODOR HERZL, LETTER TO SULTAN ABDUL H A M I D II 3 MAY I902 © Martin Gilbert 1977 Map 31 57 We are so accustomed to think of the modern Jew as a recent immigrant to Palestine that it is somewhat surprising to find that Jerusalem is virtually a Jewish city. Out of about 60,000 inhabitants some 40,000 are Jews; a large part of the trade of the town is in their hands; not only have they overflowed in all directions their own quarter within the walls, but they have established themselves in various colonies, amounting to some half-dozen villages all within a mile or so from the city gates'.

ANDREW THOMSON 1869 500 ' while the Mohammedans are the masters, the Jews form the decided majority, being, it is likely, not far short of 8000. They come in a constant stream from every part of the world, many of them on pilgrimages, by which they hope to acquire a large fund of merit, and then return again to their native country; the greater number that they may die in the city of their fathers, and obtain the most cherished wish of their heart by being buried on Mount Olivet; and it is remarkable that they cling with a strange preference to that part of the city which is nearest the site of their ancient Temple, as if they still took pleasure in its stones, and its very dust were dear to them'.

For the next nine months the front line lay only 12 miles north of the city, but in September I9I8 the British advanced first to Nablus, and then more than 380 miles, to take Damascus and Aleppo before the Turks surrendered,31 December I9I8. to Nablus 'Of all the bombs which were dropped on headquarters only the church containing the Kaisers and the Kaiserins portrait were hit MAGGIE LEE's DIARY, JERUSALEM, 5 SEPTEMBER I9I7 Jewish villages liberated by the British during November I9I7. '... from 0200 till 0700 that morning the Turks streamed through and out of the city, which echoed for the last time their shuffling tramp.

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