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By Society for International Folk Dancing (Auth.)

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Reworking The Ballet

Hard and unsettling their predecessors, sleek choreographers comparable to Matthew Bourne, Mark Morris and Masaki Iwana have courted controversy and notoriety by means of reimagining the main canonical of Classical and Romantic ballets. during this publication, Vida L. Midgelow illustrates the ways that those modern reworkings damage and recreate their resource fabric, turning ballet from a classical functionality to a necessary exploration of gender, sexuality and cultural distinction.

Writing About Dance

Writing approximately Dance publications scholars via numerous strategies of writing approximately dance, from the casual (journal writing and unfastened writing) to the formal (critiques, essays, and study papers). whilst scholars study either useful and creative points of writing, they develop into larger severe thinkers and writers as they deepen their realizing of dance process, dance creativity, and dance as an paintings shape.

Fields in Motion: Ethnography in the Worlds of Dance

Fields in movement: Ethnography within the Worlds of Dance examines the deeper meanings and resonances of inventive dance in modern tradition. The ebook contains 4 sections: tools and methodologies, autoethnography, pedagogies and inventive strategies, and choreographies as cultural and non secular representations.

Nietzsche's Dancers: Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and the Revaluation of Christian Values

Within the first 1/2 this unique e-book, Kimerer L. LaMothe bargains the one exhaustive research of the dance photographs that seem in each of Friedrich Nietzsche's significant works, revealing the pivotal position this imagery performs in Nietzsche's undertaking of revaluing Christian values. within the moment 1/2 the publication, LaMothe deals the one intensive account of the way the 2 so much celebrated innovators in American smooth dance, Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, created dances in addition to dance philosophies and practices that significantly have interaction and strengthen Nietzsche's philosophical undertaking.

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Sample text

Both facing 1 o d, hands linked behind backs, make 3 step hops towards centre; on 4th step inside leg i s extended forward with heel on ground; shout " H e j " . Starting with inside feet 3 step hops backwards from centre turning to face outwards on 3rd step; on 4th step outside heel is placed on ground, leg extended forward. Repeat Bars 1-2 finishing facing centre of circle; shout " H e j " on l a s t beat. Repeat Bars 3-4. Holding inside hands, man kneels on R knee facing 1 o d; girl dances around him anticlockwise with 2 schottische s t e p s .

In a sequence of 2 schottische steps there i s no hop at the end of the first schottische. Open peasant hold, free hand on hip, fingers pointing forward. Take 8 walking steps forward, starting with outside foot, heel scuffing floor a s leg swings forward. With same hold, 8 step hops forward. Ballroom hold, girl with back to 1 o d;with 1 schottische stepman moves forward in 1 o d swinging girl towards centre. Repeat Bar 1 swinging girl outwards. Without changing hold take 4 step hops forward in 1 o d turning clockwise (2 complete turns).

Kreuzpolka Haxenschmeisser Boarischer Hiatamadl (Austria) 2 EP1 Waldjager Stoittera P a s c h e r Siebenschritt Veitscher Shiboleth Basadeh (Israel) Datchko Kolo (Jugoslavia) (Austria) Masur Hoi Harmonica (Israel) 3 EP2 Mayim Mayim Cherkessia Karapyet (Israel) Alunelul Kfula (Rumania) (Israel) Kuma Echa (Israel) (Russia) Neopolitan Tarantella Wrona Gapa (Poland) Meitschi Putz-di (Italy) (Switzerland) 1 EP3 Kiigadi-Kaagadi Fyrtur (Estonia) Kreuz Koenig (Norway) Hakke Toone (Germany) (Holland) 1 Kohanochka (Russia) Fyrmannadans (Sweden) Die Woaf (Austria) Schwarzwalder Mazurka (Germany) 2 Fjallnas Polska (Sweden) Viru Vals (Estonia) Schottische (Denmark) Bourree Poursuite (France) EP4 Schottische (Sweden) Snurrebocken (Sweden) Jooksu Polka (Estonia) Sadala Polka (Estonia) EP5 1 Gammel Reinlender (Norway) Sanftenberger (Germany) Kleiner Kolomeyka (Carpathia) Hopak (Ukraine) Kokotek Schottisch (Germany) (Poland) EP6 2 Fyrraanna S c h o t t i s c h e ( S w e d e n ) T a r a n t e l l a Gamboliner Holzschuhtanz (Germany) Laura (Sicily) (Poland) La Bourree Croisee (France) La Bourree Pastourelle (France) D a n c e of t h e H a m m e r s m i t h s ( G e r m a n y ) W i n d m i l l ( G e r m a n y ) EP7 3 Kalamies (Estonia) Kivi Kasukas 3 (Estonia) L a B o u r r e e D r o i t e du P a y s F o r t Verde Gaio (Portugal) (France) Gota (Portugal) EP8 4 Kettengalopp La Virgencita (Switzerland) Appenzeler Klatschwalzer (Switzerland) (Mexico) Kol-Dodi (Israel) Palestinian Hora (Israel) Bona Habanot (Israel) Ridee de Baud (France) Fist P o l k a (Finland) EP9 4 Kadrilj fran Ovraby ( S w e d e n ) B r a n l e de C o n n a y B o u r r e e d e la C h a p e l o t t e (France) (France) Hora Nirkoda Debka Halel Hora Neurim Hein Hroa Haktana Yerunan EP10 5 Ahavat Hadasa Vayiven Uziyahu Erev Ba (Israel) Debka Dayagim Debka Ha'abir Available (Uria) as records or cassettes M r s .

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