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Download A Practical Approach to Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint by Robert Gauldin PDF

By Robert Gauldin

I'm in university and wanted the publication once attainable. The cargo was once quickly and the e-book is admittedly invaluable. It not just explains the subject yet provides examples and assignments to do.

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The counterpoint exercises that are included in Appendix I also make use of these clefs and so it is important to develop a basic familiarity with them. 9 Major scale written exercise Write out the following major scales in the clefs provided. You can either write the key signatures or apply accidentals before each note. 11. Notice that the D natural minor scale contains the same notes as the F major scale, but begins on the note D. From this vantage point, we can think of the harmonic minor as natural minor with a raised seventh degree.

What is necessary here is to have a basic understanding and a method for determining the notes of any given mode—whether this be relating the modes to the degrees of the major scale or thinking of them in terms of their whole- and half-step intervals—when it is encountered. The following exercises will help to this end, Music Fundamentals 39 and Chapter 5 provides exercises that in a single stroke fortify knowledge of both chords and modes. The following exercise is an excellent way of learning on your instrument five of the seven modes, which here form a sequence that we will later correlate with chords on each of the scale degrees listed.

Exercise 1dd The extremely short improvisations are particularly valuable because they force us to invoke a degree of moment-to-moment concept we may not ordinarily experience. Our task is then to sustain this awareness over the course of improvisations of any length. g. ). Try to find a balance between pre-ordained structure and spontaneity. Perform in class. g. ) that are to improvise with nothing planned in advance. Emphasize the importance of clarity of ideas, listening, laying out when needed, assuming prominence when needed, etc.

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