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By Paul Johnson

A countrywide bestseller, this wonderful 4000 12 months survey covers not just Jewish historical past yet he effect of Jewish genius and mind's eye at the global. by way of the writer of contemporary occasions: the area From the Twenties to the Eighties.

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Escaping the Holocaust: Illegal Immigration to the Land of Israel, 1939-1944

Unlawful Jewish immigration to Palestine ahead of the founding of the country of Israel kinds essentially the most interesting chapters within the background of Zionism and sleek Jewish heritage. Bringing Jews from Europe to Palestine through land and by way of sea in defiance of restrictive British immigration guidelines used to be partially an venture of nationwide rescue and in part a calculated technique of political brinksmanship.

Trial and Error: Israel's Route from War to De-Escalation (S U N Y Series in Israeli Studies)

"By supplying an engaging linkage among Israel's international coverage habit and changes and adjustments in Israeli household politics, Levy is supplying a provocative thesis that merits extensive readership. i've got doubtless that a few readers will applaud Levy's braveness and thesis, and that others will do exactly the other.

The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles Scribal Works in an Oral World

This quantity reexamines and reconstructs the connection among the Deuteronomic background and the booklet of Chronicles, construction on fresh advancements akin to the Persian-period relationship of the Deuteronomic background, the contribution of oral conventional reviews to realizing the creation of biblical texts, and the reassessment of the connection of normal Biblical Hebrew and past due Biblical Hebrew.

The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel

A gripping feat of reportage that exposes—for the 1st time in English—the sensational existence and mysterious demise of Ashraf Marwan, an Egyptian senior reliable who spied for Israel, delivering new perception into the turbulent sleek historical past of the center East. because the son-in-law of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and an in depth consultant to his successor, Anwar Sadat, Ashraf Marwan had entry to the private secrets and techniques of the country’s govt.

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How can man be made in God’s image, if the image of God is unimaginable, and therefore forbidden? Yet the idea of man as conceived in the divine image is as central to the religion as the ban on idols. 113 As man is in God’s image, he belongs to God; the concept helps man to grasp that he does not possess real and permanent ownership even over himself, let alone over anything else he receives from God’s bounty. His body is a leasehold; he is answerable to God for what he does to and with it. But the principle also means that the body—man—must be treated with respect and even dignity.

Artapanos credited him with organizing the Egyptian system of government and inventing all kinds of warlike and industrial machinery. 76 Not surprisingly, Jewish writers of antiquity endorsed this tradition of Moses as a leading architect of ancient culture. 79 The ancient writers were not merely convinced of Moses’ existence: they saw him as one of the formative figures of world history. But there was also a tendency among pagan writers, from the second half of the first millennium BC, to see Moses as a baleful figure, the creator of a form of religion which was strange, narrow, exclusive and anti-social.

Ehud took out his home-made weapon, thrust it into the sheikh’s belly ‘and the fat closed upon the blade, so that he could not draw the dagger out of his belly; and the dirt came out’. ’137 Not only poor, left-handed men, but even women rose to heroism and so to command. Deborah, another figure from the oasis-country, was a fiery religious mystic, who prophesied and sang. She ‘dwelt under the palm tree’ and local folk ‘came up to her for judgment’. This extraordinary woman, married to one Lapidoth (though we hear nothing of him), organized a coalition army against Jabin, one of the senior kings of Canaan, and destroyed his army.

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