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By Isaac Husik

A noted pupil elucidates the distinguishing features of the works of a number of Jewish thinkers of the center a long time. as well as summaries of the most arguments and teachings of Moses Maimonides, Isaac Israeli, Judah Halevi, Abraham Ibn Daud, Hillel ben Samuel, Levi ben Gerson, and others, the writer bargains insightful analyses.

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Date 1. Designation of time in the week (seventh part) 2. Designation of week C. Report of the righteous climate 93:3b 93:3b 93:3b 93:3c Week Two A Date 1. Temporal clause (and after me) 2. Designation of week B. Report of the disaster 1. Report of the wicked climate 2. Report of the rise of deceit 3. Report of the result of the rise of deceit C. Report of Salvation 1. Report of a change 2. Report of the rise of righteousness 3. Report of the results of the rise of righteousness 93:4c 94:4c 93:4c Week Three A Date 1.

The earliest section, the Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1-36), contains the story of the fall of the evil angels (1 Enoch 6-11), which is probably one of the earliest, if not the earliest, stratum of 1 Enoch. ' The evidence for this dating of the material is threefold. First, the writer of Jubilees seems to be aware of material in the Book of the Watchers (see Jubilees 10:13; 21:10). , the date of the book of Jubilees. E. E. 4 In the next section, often called the "Parables of Enoch" (1 Enoch 36-71), the historical references are not clear.

The second structural element may be designated as an apocalyptic timetable, a recapitulation of historical events according to a particular schema -in this instance a tenfold, rather than a fourfold or sevenfold, sequence. This schematized history is reconstructed in such a way as to point to the eschaton. As L. z5 It may also be noted that the second structural element in lOWApoc has affinities to certain Mesopotamian literature. The phrase "a man shall be saved" is similar to the phrase "a prince shall arise," which is a distinguishing mark of dynastic prophecy.

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