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Download 101 Receiver Drills by Stan Zweifel, Jake Olsen PDF

By Stan Zweifel, Jake Olsen

That includes new chapters on second-level unlock drills and complicated catching drills, this up to date version of a hundred and one Receiver Drills is designed to augment the basics, abilities, and strategies keen on potent receiver play. The e-book additionally contains drills for warm-up, route-running, break-point, desk bound and circulate catching, operating after the seize, and blockading. each one drill is illustrated with a diagram and comprises unique training tips.

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All receivers should release in the same direction. Page 30 Drill #18: Swat Drill Objective: To develop an effective release against tight man or tight rolled coverage. Description: One line of players who are simulating defensive backs position themselves close to a line of receivers. Defensive players should be in ready positions, with their knees bent and their hands extended at chest level, about eight to 12 inches away from the offensive players. On verbal command the offensive players execute swat releases to either the right or the left.

For organizational purposes, the drills have been placed in one of nine chapters according to the primary developmental focus of the drill. Each drill offers football coaches a terrific teaching tool for providing their receivers with the requisite attributes for success. Many of the drills, however, involve more than one unique skill and address more than one aspect of receiver play. As a result, each coach should keep an open mind when incorporating these drills into his overall training program.

The receiver should watch the football all the way into his hands and to the locked position. Page 66 Drill #50: Soften The Ball Drill Objective: To help the receiver use soft hands. Description: When catching the ball, the receiver should begin to soften it on the first touch. He should then trace the path the ball would have taken had he not touched it. The final grasping part of the ball would be at the end of the ball's path. The receiver should follow every ball with his arms, hands, and eyes through the entire catch and path of the ball.

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