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Download 101 Defensive Back Drills by Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice PDF

By Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

The protective again drills in a hundred and one protective again Drills (Second version) are acceptable and potent in any respect completive degrees. The drills during this booklet were accrued, field-tested, and utilized through a trainer with greater than 4 many years of collegiate soccer event. safely designed drills may have a rare worth, permitting coaches to higher strengthen the abilities in their gamers. the categories of drills featured comprise warm-up, quickness, pace & agility, move, response, assurance, tackling, and fumble restoration.

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Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The coach faces one player at a time, who is positioned approximately 510 yards away. The coach starts the drill by moving the football sharply to the left or the right. The player reacts by moving backwards at a 45-degree angle in the same direction as the coach has moved the football. The player keeps his eye on the coach and the football. After 12 seconds, the coach moves the football in the opposite direction. The player reacts by immediately moving in the opposite direction, still at a 45-degree angle backwards.

Coaching Point: The drill is designed to enable defenders to respond to two stimuli simultaneously. Page 60 Drill #47: Gassers Objective: To develop stamina; to improve the ability of a defensive back to change directions quickly; to improve the footwork involved in back-pedaling. Equipment Needed: None Description: The defenders line up on the goal line, threefour yards apart, facing the coach who is positioned on the 50-yard line.

After the players have gone about 10 yards, the coach commands, "Recover," which signals the players to churn their feet while changing directions to run back as quickly as possible directly to where they started the drill. As the players become more comfortable with this drill, the coach should require that they accelerate after the command, "Recover," and get back to the starting position as soon as they can. Page 35 Drill #24: Turn and Go Objective: To develop the ability of defensive backs to switch from back-pedaling to a straight-ahead sprint.

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